Foot and Ankle Surgery

The most important part of Foot and Ankle surgery is the proper diagnosis and procedure selection. In response Midwest Orthopaedic Institute offers on-site patient exam and x-rays of the foot that are done on your first visit.

The proper procedure is selected based on your condition and it’s severity or progression.

In simple cases, MOI recommends the proper rehabilitation services and treatment products; regulators, sleeves and insets providing better weight distribution and management.

More complex cases including those requiring more stability may require surgery, with surgery complete recovery and foot stability is dramatically increased.

Many surgeries are performed with the use of screws or an anchor to allow rapid healing and less pain from bone movement. These procedures usually provide excellent motion of the foot, ankle and toes with no limitations of activity or loss of foot function noted.

When ever possible scars are closed with plastic surgery techniques to limit scarring and hidden on the side of the foot for better cosmetic healing. With excellent technique and proper procedure selection, surgery can be both simple to recover from and highly successful with little to no pain.