Lynette Rajterowski, O.T.R.L. , C.H.T.


Lynette is the only Certified Hand Therapist in DeKalb County, earning this credential from the Hand Therapy Certification Commission in 2002. She has been treating patients at MOI for 5 years.

On Lending the Helping Hand . . .
I think the hands define a lot about who a whole person is. Here we work with physical therapists and massage therapists, athletic trainers, as a team to rehabilitate the whole body, even though my specialty happens to be hands. We help whole people: farmers, office workers, we see a lot of different kinds of hands, all ages and types of issues. The physicians know the value of this kind of rehab team approach. They know we do a good job with their patients.

On Providing Specialized Care Close to Home . . .
MOI offers patients extremely high-quality care in a variety of treatment specialties that you might expect to find only in the big city. We have resources for patients and services available close to home, saving patients a lot of travel and added expense to access care.