Rebekah McMillen, M.O.T.R./L.


Rebekah completed her master’s degree in occupational therapy at Concordia University, in Wisconsin and received her certified hand therapy credentialing in 2018.

On the Rewards of Occupational Therapy . . .
I work with all ages and with a variety of orthopedic conditions that will affect the upper extremities. It’s very rewarding work because the function of the arms and hands directly affects a person’s ability to care for themselves or other’s. Not only are our upper extremities essential for day to day tasks such as self-care, but also they are essential for sport and work-related activities.

On Being Part of a Treatment Team . . .
One thing I appreciate about my work at MOI is being part of a team. Our department works closely together and with the physicians to ensure each patient receives the best quality care.