Dave Payal, P.T.

Dave Payal has work in the orthopedic field for 6 years. She completed her bachelor in physical therapy from Sardar Patel University, India in 2006 and master’s in orthopedics and sports disorders from Rajiv Gandhi university of Health sciences, India in 2008. She has completed certifications in various manual therapy techniques like upper and lower quarter Mulligan’s concept course; Cyriax, Maitland, Fryette, McKenzie and Mennell concepts for the Vertebral column and Pelvic complex.

On the Rewards of Occupational Therapy…
I have expertise in diagnosing different musculoskeletal disorder to find out route cause for patient’s pain and dysfunction. I treat my patients using different manual therapy skills (Mailtland mobilization, mulligan concept, muscle energy technique) and therapeutic exercises to improve their quality of life, while providing guidance on future prevention. I have keen interest in using my skills to treat cervical and lumbar spine, S.I joint region, Hip joint and shoulder joint. Each clinician has different skill and excellence and everybody work as team with common main goal of providing quality care in team environment that helps me to provide best treatment for my patients. I have received wonderful appreciations from my patients, which I consider as biggest accomplishment. Helping patients to achieve their goal, to make them smile again inspires me each day do my best for them. Encouraging them in their difficult time of life and getting back them to their desire level of function gives me great happiness and work satisfaction.

When I’m not working…
I enjoy playing with my little daughter Kavya, participating in spiritual activity at temple and providing volunteer services to BAPS Charities.