Joy Powell, P.T.

Joy Powell has worked as a physical therapist for 13 years. She completed her undergraduate education at Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, Michigan and Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. She received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Grand Valley State University’s College of Health Professions, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is also a Certified McKenzie MDT practitioner.

On the Rewards of Occupational Therapy…
I am passionate about empowering patients to regain their function and independence, as well as providing them strategies to be more in control of their own pain. It is exceptionally rewarding to observe the moment that a patient achieves a new goal or masters a once impossible skill. I am inspired by my patients’ journeys. Every day that I come to work is a learning experience for me, and pieces of their journeys become woven into my experience and practice. I have background and experience in work injury, rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries of the spine, and have had continuing education in manual therapy, chronic pain management, and movement dysfunction.  One of my specialties is identifying movement dysfunction and retraining strategies to restore more appropriate movement patterns and motor control. Being able to collaborate with colleagues means a lot to me. Everyone’s view of and approach to the patient is slightly different. We all have different backgrounds and training, which enhances patient care. The team at MOI is well-rounded and everyone is always willing to help out and share their knowledge and skillset.

When I’m not working…
I enjoy outdoor activities with my husband and two boys. We can be found hiking, biking, camping, checking out local car shows, or having a family movie night!