Heath Ramsden

Heath is a 2008 graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, where he completed training in massage and Asian bodywork. He offers therapies in many forms of massage but excels at Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Thai bodywork, and Tui Na.

On Asian Bodywork . . .
“I utilize the meridian and muscular systems to help the patient restore balance in their body. Bodywork is an effective and fast way to relieve pain and restore proper function to the body. I custom tailor every treatment to the specific needs of every patient I see.”

On the Team MOI Model of Health Care . . .
“I truly believe the Team MOI approach is the future of health care. ┬áThe body is a complex system and restoring proper function usually requires a multifaceted approach. I choose to work in a team environment because I do not have all of the answers all of the time; no one does. ┬áBut by working with a team and playing off each other’s strengths and different knowledge bases, we here at MOI are able to get great results for our patients by targeting problems from more than one angle.”