Katherine Jones, OT


I have been working in the occupation therapy field since the summer of 2017, and have been with MOI since that time. I graduated from St. Ambrose University with my Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2017. While there, I participated in additional extracurricular coursework such as: CarFit, Adaptive Water Skiing, and developed an adaptive cooking and gardening program.

On the “Hands-On” Difference . . .

MOI has many skilled individuals and resources, which are utilized through a team approach. The therapists work closely with the physicians, which allows for seamless communication, and ultimately providing better patient outcomes. As an Occupational Therapist working in an outpatient setting, we treat upper extremity conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. I inspire to become credentialed as a Certified Hand Therapist, specializing in these upper extremity conditions. I am very passionate about the field of occupational therapy because it allows me to be creative with the therapy process, as well as treat using a holistic point of view.

On Motivating Patients:

Once I decided on a career in occupational therapy, it was always my goal and dream to work at MOI. Growing up in the Sycamore community, I knew MOI was a highly respected institute that was filled with professional individuals. Working at MOI since I was a new graduate is one of my biggest accomplishments, and I am proud to work here. I am inspired by the success and accomplishments of my patient’s during their therapy process. Upper extremity injuries can have such a large impact on individual’s small day to day tasks, and once they are injured, it can truly have a large impact on their outlook on life.

On Life Outside of MOI . . .

When I am not working, I enjoy spending my free time outdoors. I love to garden and spend time on my family’s farm. I also enjoy crafting and doing home improvement projects, as well as spend time playing with my dog outdoors.

Leah Scheri, MOTR/L


Leah attended Concordia University Wisconsin’s Accelerated Masters of Occupational Therapy Program. Through this program, she received both her Bachelor of Rehabilitation Science and her Master of Occupational Therapy.

On the Value of Occupation

In the world of occupational therapy, we see “occupation” as any valued activity. It means more than a job,it can be the ability to complete self-care tasks, cook for your family, or a valued hobby Here at MOI, it is our goal to get our patients back to these valued occupations.

On the Best Part of the Job

Leah believes the best part of her job is getting to see the progress a patient makes from the evaluation to discharge. It is rewarding to see the patients be able to return to the things they love without difficulty or pain.

Lynette Rajterowski, O.T.R.L. , C.H.T.

Lynette is the only Certified Hand Therapist in DeKalb County, earning this credential from the Hand Therapy Certification Commission in 2002. She has been treating patients at MOI for 5 years.

On Lending the Helping Hand . . .
I think the hands define a lot about who a whole person is. Here we work with physical therapists and massage therapists, athletic trainers, as a team to rehabilitate the whole body, even though my specialty happens to be hands. We help whole people: farmers, office workers, we see a lot of different kinds of hands, all ages and types of issues. The physicians know the value of this kind of rehab team approach. They know we do a good job with their patients.

On Providing Specialized Care Close to Home . . .
MOI offers patients extremely high-quality care in a variety of treatment specialties that you might expect to find only in the big city. We have resources for patients and services available close to home, saving patients a lot of travel and added expense to access care.