Stephen Beverley, M.P.T.


Steve graduated from NIU with his Masters of Physical Therapy in 2010. His interest in physical therapy began as a teenage while undergoing rehabilitation following knee and shoulder surgeries. He continued his education with courses on selective functional movement assessment and has attended the Titleist Performance Institute. Steve has specialized trainingĀ in slow motion video analysis of runners and biomechanics of golf swing.

On “The Last Mile” of Treatment . . .
I think that physical therapy is both the most important part and the most difficult part of a patient’s overall treatment plan. A lot of times it’s easy to get a person feeling a little bit better very quickly, but it’s a lot harder to go from feeling just okay to getting back to full participation in the activities they want to do. We go that last mile with the patient.

On Understanding the Patient’s Point of View . . .
I started out at MOI as a patient. They helped me through serious knee and shoulder injuries I suffered in recreational sports. When I completed my education, I knew I wanted to become a part of this team.